What do best practice economic development organizations use for a contact management system? The best CRM on the market developed especially for economic development programs - business retention, expansion, recruitment, entrepreneurship and workforce development. The greatest value comes from continuous product improvement based on feedback from economic development users.

Regional Project

Assessment System

(RPAS) is a computer simulation model intended to assist regional governments and economic development organizations in evaluating prospects, industries and programs. 

RPAS is commonly utilized to:

  • Evaluate impacts of new &     existing businesses

  • Negotiate incentives

  • Prioritize projects

  • Measure business assistance outcomes for retention

  • Identify potential supplier leakages

  • Calculate ROI for economic development organizations


Community Project Assessment System 

(CPAS) is different from most impact models that only assess revenue impacts, ignoring the fact that a new business will also place demands on community services. This approach yields a much more accurate and defensible evaluation of prospects, especially important when evaluating incentive offerings.

This tool also helps businesses for incentive negotiations in order to project the full potential value of a project on a community.


An interactive database that enables users to compare business operational costs in different communities on an apples-to-apples basis.

Cost Analysis Includes:

  • Total Annual Operating Cost

  • Total Payroll & Wage Rates

  • Fringe and Mandated Benefits

  • Utility Costs

  • Building Lease or Land & Construction Costs

  • Property Taxes

  • Transportation Costs 

Data is King... 

in site selection and economic development.

  • Businesses - How are you using data to bring clarity to location decisions? Are you using consistent data across potential areas?
  • Economic Developers - How are you using data to tell your community story and win projects, as a result?

​Consider these cutting-edge tools to work more intelligently and efficiently.

Tools & Data

The first online marketplace for site selection and economic growth and development. Site selectors use this cost-effective tool for search and economic developers can customize content both on the StateBook site as well as populate community websites.

StateBook International

Mike Philpot, CEcD

“I sent some of the marketing research pieces you [Allison] did for the Ken-Tenn Regional Alliance to several site search consultants. The comments I've received back have been great. These pieces are very well done.”

Lindsay Frilling

"Allison has equipped local elected and economic development officials with the tools to further develop our region by providing a professional, executable strategic plan as well as the necessary support to implement. She has provided sound advice that I have personally executed in my economic development efforts with excellent results. I would recommend Allison to any community looking to move your marketing and growth efforts to the next level."


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