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TadZo Site Selection Insights

Finding the optimal location is a balancing act between costs and risks.

sites & buildings evaluation

Are there available building or sites ready for your project in desired communities? Can the community meet your timeline?

incentive negotiations

What statutory incentives are available for your project? What else is the state or community willing to provide to win your business? What additional burdens, if any, will incentives incur for your project? What is the authorization process? How does your company comply to maximize incentive value?

Due diligence

Will the community and service providers deliver on promises? What risks do you need to be aware of in proceeding with your project?

logistics & supply chain optimization

Based on potential locations, what are the transportation costs, shipping methods, and timeliness for input and final goods delivery that make the most sense for your project?

infrastructure & utilities assessment

What communities have utilities to support your business needs? Is the infrastructure installed at desired sites or will the installation delay your project? Are the community connection and operational fees viable in your pro forma?

workforce pipeline assessment

What location options will provide the best resources for ongoing skill upgrades? Which areas are investing in students to be your future employees? Which areas may present risks for recruiting, relocating and ultimately retaining employees?

Our team addresses key questions as you pursue an expansion or relocation project for your business. We will partner with you for a comprehensive advisory role or any of the menu of services listed below.

We begin every project seeking clarity of your business objectives, critical factors and timeline in order to provide the most relevant information for your location decision.

Key benefits

  • Enable your investigation and​decision-making to occur confidentially.​
  • ​Leverage our extensive relationships with economic development professionals to ensure accurate and timely information.
  • Data and analysis framed for productive discussions and clear decision-making.

Location operating cost comparisons

How do potential areas compare with costs for wages, benefits, electricity, natural gas, water, waste water, transportation, taxes and real estate?

site selection services

labor market analysis

What areas have the talent pool, now and in the future, to meet your business needs? Are skills readily available? What is the work ethic and productivity of workers in potential areas? How does cost (wages and benefits) vary by location? Will organized labor disrupt your operations in some locations?