Disaster Preparedness and Resilience Planning for Economic Development 

When businesses are affected by disasters, that disruption produces not only direct business losses, but also indirect losses and economic ripple effects. This impacts jobs and family income creating even greater challenges for households, neighborhoods, and viability of communities as they recover. ​ What is your role in disaster preparedness and resilience planning? What should your EDO be doing to ensure the businesses in your city and region are prepared? TadZo can help economic development professionals address these questions and prepare your community for disaster situations that could impact businesses and the local economy. A comprehensive Disaster Preparedness and Resiliency Plan with clear roles and responsibilities will help expedite economic recovery. 

Not ready...

to start Strategic Planning but know you need one?

You are fully aware of the changing market and it's time for an update to your strategic plan but your board and community stakeholders aren't on the same page to move forward. Sound familiar? TadZo will help you foster support for an engaging and effective strategic planning process. Contact us about a customized training and assessment day to build momentum.


Jim Hizer, CEcD

“When it comes to economic development marketing, I have never worked with anyone with a sharper mind and a keener sense of best practices than Allison.  By following and fully implementing her recommended strategies, we have closed a number of attraction and expansion projects. We have worked with her on 3 occasions over the past 7 years and I know we will rely on her again in the future."

Key Messages & Branding

Is your brand tired and in need of a refreshment? Do other communities make the same claims you do so you get lost in whitenoise? TadZo goes beyond the development of images to represent your brand position so that your community's identity aligns to captivating messages of interest to key audiences.

business recruitment marketing

Are you looking for tried and true approaches to market your community – but with a fresh twist?  Do you want to know what can bring more positive attention and serious looks at your community? TadZo marketing plans include more than what to do; examples and worksheets make implementation easier.    

target industry research & analysis

Are your targets current? Have your assets changed and created a new value proposition? Are you curious about current industry trends in order to be more effective in your local business outreach and recruitment efforts? TadZo goes beyond industry trend data to understand the capabilities of a community to meet the needs of target industries. This approach takes into account current community competitiveness along with emerging opportunities.

Action-oriented strategic planning

A plan is only good if it is implemented. Are you looking for new ways to make a positive impact with best practice solutions? You can count on TadZo to work in partnership with you for a strategy that delivers results of priority to community stakeholders, within your means, yet a stretch to achieve more than you can imagine today.

Customized Approach

TadZo offers services in a menu approach which enables customization to meet the unique needs of your community. No two projects are exactly alike because no two communities have the same challenges, assets or opportunities. We focus on what you want to achieve and frame a scope of work that will get you there.

KEy deliverables

  • More than "what", also the "how"
  • Specific steps to take
  • Who to engage
  • Real-world examples
  • Worksheets
  • On-going, direct access to our team during implementation

Building a business case

TadZo helps to move beyond data dumping of facts to transform your assets into a cohesive message tailored to specific industry priorities. The result: a truly compelling value proposition, demonstrating your community is well positioned to support success for your target industries.

Economic development services


What assets set your community
apart from the competition? Where is your community falling behind the competition
and stalling economic growth? What can you do to enhance your competitive
position? Find out how your community stacks up to your competitors and 
economic development best practices. TadZo provides detailed feedback with
specific recommendations to improve your community’s value proposition.

Mayor Christine Lundberg

“With Allison's help, Springfield (OR) has been able to identify our most significant areas for commercial and industrial growth. Allison's knowledge and assessment of economic development is outstanding. She has given us a clear direction and candid answers about ways to accomplish Springfield's economic goals. I highly recommend Allison and TadZo."

Michael Southard, CEcD

"TadZo was a tremendous help to Ada (OK) in our efforts to implement the economic development elements of our community visioning process. Allison facilitated several processes that explored different ideas which ultimately ended with agreed upon concepts. The target industry analysis identified 3-4 sectors that best fit our location, market, and offered the highest growth opportunity. The overall marketing plan laid out a series of steps with details down to an estimated budget as to who would be responsible for what element. The community branding effort included nearly 200 people in the process and the community logo is used by the Chamber, EDO, and the City."

coaching resource

Want to do your planning in-house with expert guidance? Need insights for strategy, program development or overcoming a challenge in the community? Through a series of exercises and key questions, TadZo will help you accomplish your goals without the cost of a large consulting engagement.

Workforce development Strategies

Talent is the leading driver for business competitiveness today. Is your community investing in training and skill development to meet industry's rapidly changing needs? Are you doing everything possible to attract and retain talent to your community? TadZo provides innovative approaches to enhance your labor pool.