TadZo is an economic development and site selection consulting firm led by Allison Larsen, with over 20 years of economic development experience and more than 10 years in international business management and sales.     


With experience working with more than 100 communities and regional groups across 27 U.S. states and Canadian provinces, TadZo tracks best practices – what works and what doesn’t – to draw upon for potential solutions in each unique situation facing a community.         

Tadich (left), TadZo CFO "Chief Food Officer" and Enzo (right), TadZo CBO "Chief Ball Officer"

Sandy Pratt, Sr COnsultant

​​Sandy understands the challenges and opportunities important to public and private organizations as they develop unique strategies for positive change and economic growth. Her extensive experience working with business leaders, economic development professionals and community stakeholders provides a good foundation for developing effective approaches to business and economic development. 

Diverse Background

  • Experience in community and economic development, site selection, construction management and consulting services.
  • 10 years state level economic development management and business attraction, yielding 91,500 jobs
  • 9 years city/county chamber and economic Development management and business attraction
  • 5 years regional economic development and business financing programs management
  • Managed two regional construction services firms, resulting in sales growth, centralized services, and operating efficiencies
  • Owned and managed entrepreneurial start-up businesses in retail and service industries and business and economic development consulting 

Honored to serve as a Board Member for the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).

About TadZo 

Wonder where the name TadZo originates? Allison's two golden retrievers, of course!

Tadich + Enzo = TadZo (their nickname)

Allison Larsen, Principal

​​Allison is keen that the client always sets the direction for where they want to go with a project. She believes her role is to ask insightful questions to explore what’s possible, what’s of greatest interest and, ultimately, what stakeholders find most important to commit resources for action.

She employs well thought-out questions and astute listening to get to the core of issues and solutions. Her extensive experience with business leaders, community stakeholders and hard working professionals contributes to her recognition of what is true excitement and commitment, enabling her to facilitate positive change for clients.

Diverse Background

  • 16 years consulting
  • 5 years EDC management and recruiting, yielding 9,000+ new jobs
  • Managed international import/export company, setting up distribution in 20+ countries
  • Award-winning sales person at Fortune 100 "Most Admired" Company Merck & Co.
  • Grew up in rural farm town and paid for college by raising a herd of sheep
  • Experience with family's small business taught her many lessons about hard work
  • Always trying to live a healthy lifestyle while being a wine enthusiast, "foodie", and aspiring "chef"