Oklahoma Southwest Alliance Economic Dev. Conference

April 25 - 26 @ Weatherford, OK

Workshop: Prepared & Ready?

The most successful U.S. regions are more than a regional organization; its about local communities boosting their value proposition together. Communities must be strong components of the region and offer competitive assets to reap the rewards of regional marketing. And, for that matter, vice versa, regions are only as strong as the local assets they have available to market. Is your community prepared to be a strong regional partner? Do you have the right things in place to reap value from regional marketing (or any marketing)? This session will focus on key elements of competitive communities and how to leverage regional marketing for real results.

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Making a good location decision can be the difference between success and failure, profit and loss, winning or losing to the competition. Confidentially, we partner with you to find the right location for your business strategy.

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TadZo fosters engagement and commitment while advancing conversations for big-picture thinking and creativity. Engage TadZo for planning, team building and problem solving.

TadZo’s goal is to help communities stand out as the location of choice for your target audiences. Success is accomplished using proven techniques for uncovering unique community offerings and aligning those assets with business needs.

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